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Below reviews are from the very first tour we did back in 2001:

Randers Amtsavis
(County paper of Randers, Denmark)
6 October 2001
Going by the time machine back to the seventies. ABBA appeared on the stage - or, at least one might think so. 'The four front figures were looking very much like ABBA and the voices of the girls were almost true copies of the "originals" '. All in all, it was a very great and tuneful concert, and one could not avoid leaving it in a 'singing' mood.

5 October 2001
ABBA-Fans never denies! The concert developed into a quite gripping show of a calibre which can make an impression on even the most laid-back person from the most central part of Eastern Jutland'. And I am positive that many people among the audience were very surprised in the first place (when they saw them) and later on had a hard time believing their own ears, once they were listening to them? Not least the fake Agnetha was astonishingly similar to her ideal. Also seen from the back, if you know what I mean. And you surely do.

Drammens Tidende
(Drammen newspaper, Norway)
30 September 2001
ABBA Clones. There were probably many among the audience that had to rub their eyes twice as the well-known intro to 'Dancing Queen' poured out of the loudspeakers of 'Drammens Teater' yesterday evening. Wasn't it Agnetha and Anni-Frid standing on the stage? A comment from a person in the cloakroom during the break: 'They are certainly well preserved, considering the amount of years.

28 September 2001
Brilliant ABBA Show. Those of us that have never experienced ABBA on a stage, had a perfect revenge in the 'Ibsenhuset' yesterday evening. It is not even necessary to be an ABBA fan to let both your eyes and your ears, and maybe also your heart, enjoy this show. I hope the original four ABBAs see the show and become proud. They could hardly have done it better themselves.

28 September 2001
Mama Mia, ABBA is still alive! Suddenly we found ourselves making impulsive, rhythmic movements with our right foot: No doubt, it was swinging. It was really swinging! The fireworks from the stage had broken the ice. The audience was listening enthusiastically! From now on it was wild exultation.

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